Visions from Epping Forest

Epping Forest is an unexpected find – a huge area of ancient woodland (over 6,000 acres) in Essex that you can get to on the Central Line. It’s so important for our wellbeing to get out into nature, especially for those of us living constantly in the chocking fumes and concrete pathways of the city – and Epping offers a possibility to escape and explore in the quiet, under green leaves, and there is always beauty there no matter the season.

 We’ve been there in the Autumn when a glittering blanket of blood red leaves covered the forest floor. We’ve been there in Spring just after the frost had thawed and the streams were shimmering and the bright shoots appeared. Last weekend we were there in the dying days of summer, as the spiders began to spin their webs and the first leaves fell. I try to keep these visions of the forest with me, throughout the city days and in my dreams. Moments of peace and purity, moments of quiet beauty. I remember the silence of the forest and long for it as soon as it is gone.

The photos below were taken by me and James, at Epping Forest, over the past three years


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